What I Teach

Here are just some of the priorities I cover when training singers:

  • fixing your vocal “break”
  • singing high notes with power and less strain
  • healthy belting/ mix voice technique
  • breath management and stamina
  • song application
  • vocal re-balancing
  • build vocal agility, riffs and runs
  • vocal stylizing skills
  • voice care strategies/injury prevention
  • singing rehab exercises for singers with injury cleared to sing again
  • lessons I offer are for ages 12 and up


  • I teach all levels of singers, from beginner to advanced, recreational singers to professionals.
  • Anyone who has a passion for training their voice and growing their skill as a singer.
  • Since the lessons are held online, you have to be able to match pitch. Meaning, if I play a note, melody or scale, you have to be able to sing that back. (If you are at a rudimentary level with basic pitch matching you may need ear training/musicianship training prior to taking voice lessons.)