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(Feb. 2022)

I have worked with several vocal coaches in my career and I haven’t been able to find someone as detailed, focused, and professional as Alida. With a busy touring schedule majority of my year, she has made herself available when I really need her on tour and she has helped me set up an entire team for vocal health and general practice. I have received multiple compliments on my voice improving over the past year and my vocal cords have not given out a single time performing 125+ shows in 2019.

Matthew BrueRecording ArtistMissio

Alida has a deep understanding of what’s going on with your vocals and is surgically precise with the exercises and coaching required to break through each issue (and their cumulative effects!). That coupled with her compassion and patience, I’ve been able to break through so many barriers and found the confidence to admit my love of singing in the short 2-months since I’ve started training with her.

Bea ArmstrongActor

As a working songwriter in Nashville, I use my voice every day, and Alida’s attention to vocal health keeps me singing with ease throughout the week. I’ve been working with Alida now for three years, and I could not recommend her highly enough!

Stefanie Joyce

Since working with Alida, I have become more connected with my chest voice, which has not only improved my singing but also has significantly clarified my craft in acting. She is an inspirational teacher, always encouraging me to broaden my musical avenues by supporting guitar and songwriting. Alida has safely helped shape my voice enabling me to create a tone that is unique to me.

Emily Bett RickardsActor