Wellness for Voice Teachers Course

When: September 21st, 28th and Oct. 5th, 2020.  9:30am PST

Where: Zoom

As voice teachers or vocal coaches we are very often the first point of contact for clients when it comes to vocal health and overall wellness.  How much do we need to know when it comes to vocal health?  How can we promote and encourage vocal health to our students, and what exactly is our role in that?  What strategies should we have in place for clients who have had a vocal injury and our cleared to sing again?When and how should we refer them to a specialist in the medical field?  This elective will cover the basics of vocal health, caring for the voice, injury prevention and ‘vocal rehabilitation’ from singing instructor’s standpoint.  It will also allow you dive deeper into your understanding of wellness and how it relates to voice instruction.  We will also explore occupational wellness for voice instructors as it relates to “the work” of day to day teaching, looking at energy expenditure, strategies for avoiding stress and burnout as well as ergonomics.  Facilitated by mentor voice teacher Alida Annicchiarico, who in the last several years has had a growing interest in wellness topics specifically how it relates to our field.  This course will be interactive and allow you to connect and share with other voice teachers.

Week 1: Voice Wellness

What exactly is our role as voice instructors?

Voice Care and Injury Prevention Strategies, Singing ‘Rehab’ Basics

Psychology and the Voice, Performance Anxiety,Trauma and the Voice


Week 2 and 3: Occupational Wellness in our Studios

Wellness for Voice Instructors

Energy Expenditure, Ergonomics, Ideal Clients

The Psychology of Teaching Voice, “The Work” of Teaching Voice

Wellness Wheel