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The Four V’s of Singing

These four ingredients are fundamental for building a fantastic singing voice.  Keep these in mind as you work towards vocal development. VOCALIZE:  Before singing a song, give yourself a vocal workout.  Get the blood flowing to the vocal cords by ‘warming up’.  Using different tools or vocal exercises, vocalizing is a healthy way of preparing […]

Accepting Your Voice

Accepting Your Voice by Alida Annicchiarico Don’t try to make it sound “pretty” or what you think sounds “pretty”. Use your natural voice, you know, the one that you speak in all day. If you train it effectively, the results can be very rewarding. Let your vocal coach point you in the right direction and […]

Awesome video from VocalizeU

Check out this awesome video by VocalizeU. It breaks down exactly what I teach, having a low stable larynx and connection from your chest voice up into your head voice. They explain it in such a great way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lyWKDEXIow

Bring on the Tickle

The fall season is upon us and with that comes the fear of colds and flus. That inevitable slight tickle in the throat is clearly a singer’s worst nightmare. Here are 5 hints on how to handle your vocal health in between your voice lessons, gigs and rehearsals: Drink loads of water: Drinking water or […]