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Smart Practice Tips for Singers

Learning to sing amazingly well is like learning any other skill.  It requires our fullest attention, patience, time, effective and regular instruction and of course regular practice.  But it’s HOW we practice that makes a difference in seeing results.  If you are new to the process or have build up a lot of bad vocal […]

4 Ways Singing Makes Us Happier

We’ve all heard it before, regular exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep and talk therapy are just some of the more constructive ways to beat the winter blues.  But it is also a known fact that music and creative arts of any kind are very beneficial to our overall health and wellness.  Singing is just one […]

Dealing with Nerves in Performance

When it comes to using our voices publicly, whether singing or public speaking, a lot of us experience pre-performance jitters which can very well get the best of us. We approach the stage as if we are up against a ferocious lion, so naturally our survival instincts kick in.  Our bodies go into what the […]

6 Tips to Tackling High Notes in Song

Whether you are beginner singer, or have been singing for years, let’s face it, high notes can be intimidating and a great challenge.  As a voice teacher for the last 8 years, I very often get asked the question “how can I sing those high notes with power?”  Of course it comes down to training […]

Singing: an Act of Courage

I once had a client who was very enthusiastic about discovering her voice, but couldn’t help but be fidgety while she sang.  She suggested that the reason she is fidgety while singing is because it was a way of her coping with the ‘discomfort of it all’.  Walking into an audition room, walking out on […]

5 Ways Adults Benefit from Music Lessons

  I recently had a family member tell me how ecstatic they were after their very first accordion lesson with an inspiring music teacher.  As a singing and piano teacher for the past 7 years, I have immensely enjoyed seeing the changes that the practice of music can bring to people’s lives, not just kids […]

The Culture of Perfectionism in Performing Arts

  When learning how to sing, or studying any performing art, let’s face it, perfectionism inhibits us.  For centuries, performing arts teachers and students have demanded perfection when it comes to their craft.  But in recent times, with new research, there seems to be more awareness that striving for excellence may be a better approach.  […]

The Adele Effect

  It’s no secret that Adele’s new release is having a profound effect on avid music listeners.  And who can forget the hilariously funny SNL skit with an arguing family interrupted and unified by “Hello”, which puts them in a trance-like state.  But why have so many re-fallen in love with Adele?  What is this […]

6 Hints to Learning Your Next Musical Theatre Song

6 Hints to Learning Your Next Musical Number: For singing actors it can sometimes be overwhelming to meet the demands of learning new repetoire for upcoming auditions or performances.  Sometimes it can take several days before a song is ready to be performed in one of those settings.  Here are some hepful hints that you […]

Lessons from a Rock Star

Recently I attended an international voice teacher’s conference with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).  I learned so much and I look forward to sharing a lot of what I learned in your upcoming lessons.  One of the highlights was watching Dan Reynolds the lead singer of Imagine Dragons being interviewed.  His voice teacher Jeffrey […]