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Happy World Voice Day!

“Today April 16th, 2018, marks World Voice Day!  This day was established 19 years ago to raise awareness of the importance of vocal health and to share resources on vocal science and pedagogy.  There are several events happening today across Canada and around the world.  Take a moment to read up on the voice and reflect […]

8 Ways to Improve Your Singing

We still tend to believe that someone is a great singer because they were born singing great or they have ‘natural talent.’ (There’s a term that’s thrown around a lot.)   But that isn’t true, it takes work, training and also effective coaching.  Here are just some of the ways we can improve our singing: […]

Spring Singing Showcase

Sometimes having a singing goal to work towards motives us to practice more.  Performance opportunities don’t come that often, this is why I have created the Alida Vocal Studio Student Showcase!  This bi-annual event, gives my students an opportunity to perform 1 or 2 songs in front of a supportive and encouraging audience.  The audience […]

Stage Fright Webinar

When: Saturday, March 24th , 10:30am-11:30am Where:  online via Zoom Are you a singer, actor, performer, choir singer, or musician and WANT to do more performing but nerves stand in your way? Whether it’s an audition or a live show, do nerves get the best of you?  Does stage fright prevent you from doing your best […]

Vocal Confidence

It’s a new year and a fresh new start!  I have been training singers for almost a decade now and I’ve noticed the number 1 setback they encounter with their voices is their lack of vocal confidence.  Do you want to sing well but find you don’t have enough vocal confidence, and it sets you […]

Annual Christmas Hamper

Alida Vocal Studio cares about giving back to our community! Every year students and friends of Alida Vocal Studio have generously donated towards our annual Christmas Hamper! This year there is an extra bonus, when you donate an item to our hamper you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your next voice lesson […]

Scholarship for Musical Theatre Singers

We are so pleased to offer a new scholarship opportunity to study singing with Alida Vocal Studio. This scholarship is for 2 new students of Musical Theatre who haven’t had any previous voice lessons with Alida Vocal Studio. The Singing Student Scholarship is open to singers who are: intermediate or advanced level ages 19-35 singing in […]

Student Showcase Nov. 25th, 2017

In celebration of the hard work that Alida Vocal Studio’s clients have accomplished, we are pleased to present an afternoon of singing students from all styles of music! Come out and relax and enjoy! Bring friends and family along! If you are a student of Alida Vocal Studio and you would like to sign up […]

A Note on Vocal Rest

Vocal rest is crucial for optimal voice function and longevity and should be an active part of your life as a vocalist.  It is not often prescribed until the singer or speaker ends up with vocal conditions that prevent them from pursing their next venture. Short-term vocal rest is taking a breather for a minute or […]