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3 Essentials in a Preperformance Routine

Behind every great live performance is a practical and efficient preperformance routine.  The purpose of the routine is to help prepare you to meet the mental, physical and vocal demands of what’s required of you on stage. For singers, their instrument is in their bodies, so performing optimally is an entire body experience.  It’s not […]

6 Non-Negotiables for Singers

When it comes to vocal wellness, it is unquestionable that every lifestyle decision we make impacts our singing.  Here are 6 non-negotiables to consider, and yeah, I know, no one is perfect, but becoming aware of these factors can be huge for your singing progress! SLEEP HYGIENE:   Sleep is so important for your voice. […]

The Truth About Singing

Do you wanna know the truth about singing?  It’s simple. It’s maybe not what you think.    If you’ve been taking lessons with me for a while, you’ve probably heard me say this 100 times and guess what, I’m gonna keep saying it:   Singing is a skill that requires consistency in training and practice. […]

Vocal Mindset

Super thrilled that yesterday I got to interview Vocal Mindset Coach Keziah from the UK!  She has such great insight on confidence, mindset, nerves and preparing for auditions and live performances.  Check out our live Q&A! View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alida Vocal -Online Lessons (@alidavocalstudio) on Oct 28, 2020 […]