4 Ways Singing Makes Us Happier

We’ve all heard it before, regular exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep and talk therapy are just some of the more constructive ways to beat the winter blues.  But it is also a known fact that music and creative arts of any kind are very beneficial to our overall health and wellness.  Singing is just one of those art forms that is easily accessible.  If you have a voice and you can speak, then you can sing!  Here are 4 ways singing can make us happier and more fulfilled and you can get started today!

It’s good for the brain.  And whatever is good for the brain, is good for our overall health.  Singing boosts serotonin and it can improve our mood and cognitive function.  It uses both hemispheres of the brain, both the left and right side so your brain is getting a workout.

“What has not been understood until recently is that singing in groups triggers the communal release of serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormone, and even synchronizes our heart beats.”- Cassandra Sheppard, The Neuroscience of Singing

It makes us present.  It’s literally a type of mediation because you are required to be present the whole time you are singing a song.  You can finally put your thinking mind to rest and focus on the lyrics and melody.  Singing may not make stressful situations change, but it can help prepare you to have a healthier reaction to stress because you have practiced being present.

It’s a form of creative expression.  Creativity is essential to our overall wellness.  Singing is another art form that allows us to express ourselves creatively.  And if the excuse is “I just can’t sing”  Check out this awesome quote:

“Just because some people can do something with little or no training, it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it (and sometimes do it even better) with training.” – Carol S. Dweck, PhD. (Mindset: The New Psychology of Success)

It’s an opportunity for self growth.  You don’t have to be a good singer to sing.  All you need is the willingness to use your voice and step outside your comfort zone.  You can improve your voice through working with a qualified instructor.  Joining a choir and singing with others can also be a wonderful way to test out your courage in using your voice.  Open yourself up to singing more today, even if it’s not perfect, take that courageous step and your body will thank you for it!

Alida is a singer and vocal coach based in Vancouver, Canada.  A graduate of UBC School of Music, Alida holds an IVA Advanced Certificate in voice teaching.  She is also certified in Speech Level Singing and is a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing).  Alida has been teaching voice for over 9 years to clients from the Lower Mainland as well as across Canada and worldwide.  To book a voice lesson with Alida click here.