Vocal Happiness – Alida Vocal Studio Singing Lessons Vancouver

As singers, we sometimes are harsh critics of our own voices and we want our instruments to sound good as gold, 24/7.  Since our instrument is part of our body, that may not always be possible.  Colds, allergies, acid reflex, sleep, and training can all have an effect on whether our voices are functioning properly, let alone sounding good.  In shows like The Voice or American Idol, the feedback that’s given is either compliments or disapproval based on whether the singers “sounded good” or not.  The judges, as entertaining as they are, seldom give constructive feedback.  Most of the time, they don’t actually tell the singers HOW to make vocal changes or provide them with practical tools towards achieving better results.

Like those judges, sometimes singers can become their own worst critics and focus on aesthetics of their singing voice.  Instead of judging the sound of your voice,  a more constructive approach would be to work with a singing teacher to help ensure that your voice is functioning properly and is in balance.  The focus in the beginning should be on building your voice through healthy vocal technique.  The sound of your voice will improve if you have the right tools to practice and train with.  Keep in mind that your voice may not always sound the way you want it to and singers have to come to a point of acceptance with the sound of their voices and build on that.

We aren’t always going to like the sound of our own voices, so get to know what your voice sounds like by recording your practices and lessons.  Accept the voice you have, and build on it.  After all, happiness is loving what you already have.

Alida Annicchiarico is a certified IVA Singing Teacher based in Vancouver, Canada. Alida Vocal Studio provides singing lessons in Vancouver and also on Skype to singers from all ages and levels.  www.alidavocalstudio.com